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Overview of Hazards from Art Hardware by Steven Saitzyk

Allergies by Steven Saitzyk

Arts & Crafts Hazards by Shirley Niemeyer &Wendy Rich

Glove Guide for Chemical Resistance by Andrew Thompson

Health & Safety by Mary C. Saylor

Health & Safety of Artist Mediums

Health and Safety-Related Books and Publications

Health and Safety Information/Brochures

Health and Safety Products

In Case of Fire by Steven Saitzyk

In Case of Illness by Steven Saitzyk

Paints by Monona Rossol

Photography by Michael McCann, Ph.D., C.I.H

Photochemcial Toxicity Chart

Photochemical Heath, Safety, and Environment by Ilford

Pregnancy by Monona Rossol

Terminology by Steven Saitzyk

Respirator Guide by 3M Corporation (PDF format)

Respiratory Protection Advisor from OSHA

Sculpture By Michael McCann, Ph.D., C.I.H., & Angela Babin, M.S.

Solvents by Robert Gamblin

Types of exposure by Steven Saitzyk

Woodworking By Michael McCann, Ph.D., C.I.H. & Angela Babin, M.S

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