In Case of Fire

A fire extinguisher and a smoke detector are musts for any  workplace where flammable materials are used. The extinguisher should be rated  for the type of fire that may occur, based on the types of materials in use.  There are four classes of fire extinguisher: type A-for wood and paper; type  B-for flammable liquids and paints; type C-for electrical fires; type D-for  metals. Using the wrong type of extinguisher may not only be ineffective, but  spread the fire. Today, thanks to the miracle of plastics, there are several  inexpensive, disposable extinguishers on the market that can be used on several  kinds of fires.

Be sure to check the pressure gauge on the extinguisher once a  year.

Excerpts  from ART HARDWARE: The Definitive Guide to Artists’ Materials, by Steven  Saitzyk © 1987 All rights reserved.  Reproduction forbidden without written  permission.