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There is an ancient artist’s saying, “If you do not know your materials, all you do is express your inability to express yourself.” The ideal is to know your materials so well that you do not think about them when you use them. A complete knowledge of artists’ materials, however, is not easy to come by. It is not for the lack of books on materials, but what is missing from them. Such as, why is anything made the way it is, what makes it different from anything else, and how it is suppose to work: information that was taught in artist academies, which are now extinct. For the most part the needed information is rarely taught at art schools today because the teachers themselves never had an opportunity to learn it. Every time we wish to do something new we are faced with all types of technical issues that can only be approached by having essential and accurate knowledge, which is not readily available. Artists today find themselves more often the not relying on product advertisements for their information. And, so most artists end up struggling for years with their materials rediscovering the wheel before they produce works of quality and then are not about to share their well earned secrets with any one else. The purpose of this site is to oppose this trend by offering information and access to information about materials and the creative process. When we have the necessary information we are not held back in any way. There is no hesitation or self-consciousness because we are not stopping to figure out if it is going to work or not and our materials, our body, and our mind are synchronized into one tool in a creative process. The ‘true’ in True Art refers to being genuine, real, and as truthful as it is possible to be. Written by Steven Saitzyk.


Oil Paints, Media, Solvents, & Varnishes

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