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Steve in Paris 2015.jpg

Steven L Saitzyk, 2018, Paris

Artist Materials

I maintain this informational website, True Art Information, in order to share practical information about artist's materials.  I was a long time member of the National Art Material Trade Association (NAMTA), the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM), and the Professional Picture Framers Association (PPFA).  I authored a book titled, ART HARDWARE: The Definitive Guide to Artist's Materials.  As one of the world's experts on artists materials, I offer private consulting for artists, manufactures, and retail outlets.

Writing Consulting

As an author and writer (primarily in film) I have offered writing and story consulting to private clients for more than twenty years.

Meditation and Creative Process

Because of my extensive background integrating meditation with the creative process, I offer private instruction and consulting.  I have completed a Buddhist Seminary and practiced and taught meditation internationally for more than forty years.  I am Director of of Shambhala Art International, a nonprofit arts education program designed to integrate meditation into the creative process for more than twenty-four years. See: Shambhala Art and StevenSaitzyk 


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